Experiment 1 Essay

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Activity of Acetaminophen

Clifford Tse


Partner – Raminder Dhanoa

TA – Xiao Qi

CHEM 123L - 012

February 6th, 2014


Acetaminophen, also commonly known as Tylenol, is a great over-the-counter remedies used to relieve pain and reduce fevers. Within this experiment, Acetaminophen will be formed through the effect between p-aminophenol and acetic anhydride. This reaction will certainly incur Acetaminophen as a raw solid being impure, that is purified further more through the use of a recrystallization approach. The purification process requires dissolving a great and recrystallizing as a very solid through the solution. The task is stick to by heat the crude solid to dissolve utilizing a minimal amount of solvent, often referred to as recrystallization solvent. It is then cooled to room-temperature and cooled even further in an ice-bath in order to have the crystals solidify inside the saturated remedy. Both contaminated and filtered crude shades will be acquired through cleaner filtration, a strategy used to distinct the solvent and stable through vacuum pressure. (Stathopulos, 2014) The goal of this research is to identify the burning point in the crude stable, Acetaminophen, in both impure and purified solids. This is certainly accomplished throughout the process of recrystallization. The primitive solids will then be extracted with the use of vacuum purification and further seen in deciding the shedding point. The melting items are determined through applying an apparatus known as MelTemp. The experimental melting level values identified are after that used to always be compared with assumptive listed runs of genuine Acetaminophen.

Fresh Procedure

The experimental treatment used for this experiment was outlined in the CHEM 123L lab manual, Experiment #1. All actions were followed without deviation. Experimental Observation

Mass of p-aminophenol

a few. 00g

Mass of 125mL Erlenmeyer Flask

54. 50g

Mass of Crude Products with 125mL

57. 64g

Mass of Crude Products

3. 14g

Volume of Deionized Water Added

31. 4mL

Mass of Purified Goods with 125mL

57. 01g

Mass of Purified Products

2 . 51g

Melting Point of Elementary Product

160○C - 165○C

Melting Point of Purified Product

160○C - 163○C

Results and Calculations

C6H7NO (s) + C4H6O3 (aq) → C8H9NO2 (s) + C2H4O2 (aq)

Theoretical Deliver

C6H7NO (s)

Mp-aminophenol = 109. 13 g/mol

meters = a few. 00 g

n = m/M

n = zero. 0274 mol

C4H6O3 (aq)

d = 1 . 08 g/mL

V = four mL

Meters = 102. 09 g/mol

m = d by V

meters = four. 32 g

n sama dengan m/M

and = zero. 0423 mol

C6H7NO (s) is the restricting reactant

Mass of Acetaminophen

m sama dengan M x n

m = (151. 16 g/mol) (0. 0274 mol)

m = 5. 14 g

Percent Deliver

= 75. 8 %


In this particular experiment, the experimental burning point of both the crude and filtered products have been determined to be one hundred sixty ○C - 165 ○C and 160 ○C -- 163 ○C respectively. When comparing with the theoretical data of Acetaminophen's melting point to always be within the selection of 169 ○C - 168 ○C, the experimental values prove to be fairly close with less than 10% deviation in range principles. When comparing the melting stage of the trial and error value and theoretical benefit, the purified product's burning point can be used as it features complete the recrystallization method sustaining an even more similar attribute to the assumptive sample regarding its houses. When looking at the values, generally there appears to be not any significant dissimilarities between the primitive and filtered product, therefore shows simply no real advantage in exclusively comparing the purified item only because of possible fresh deviations.

Although the experiment seems to have very accurate results when comparing experiment and theoretical values, it could appear as if possible problems may possess incurred along the process. A lot of issues that might have been raised are the instrumental precision of computing proper proportions of acetic anhydride and p-aminophenol. The consequence of having lesser amounts of p-aminophenol...

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