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In Incomplete Fulfillment of

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Individual Relations and Personality Development

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Course 2012-2013

2nd Semester

Personality Development

* Personality expansion is the development of the prepared pattern of behaviors and attitudes that produces a person


2. Growth of chronic patterns of behavior in childhood and adolescence.

* An improvement in all spheres associated with an individual in Life, be it with friends, in office or any type of environment


2. It is the agreement of emotions and behavior which make person

the unique person that he could be.

* It's the overall pattern of a individual's structure.

5. It is the representation of his inner personal.

Sewey and Humber (1966)

* Personality is the approach an individual is definitely interrelated through his

ideas, actions, and thinking with the a large number of nonhuman factors

of his environment and his natural heritage.


Id – " pleasure principle”

* The earth exists to provide him satisfaction, happiness and


* If the person is usually ID-dominated, he becomes hostile,

rotten, Self-centered, pompous and selfish and always would like

to profit in any undertaking.

2. The id is the way to obtain our subconscious impulses toward

happiness of our requirements. In other words, the id would like whatever

seems fulfilling and pleasant - and it wishes it right now.

Ego- " reality principle”

* The ego may be the surface in the personality, the part you generally

prove to the world

* The ego understands that other people possess needs and desires

and that at times being impulsive or self-centered can hurt us inside the

long haul. В

5. Its the ego's job to meet the needs with the id, although taking into

concern the reality with the situation. В В

Superego – " conscience”

* " The superego is like aВ relentless conscienceВ that distinguishes

from wrong in no unsure terms. Its prime target is to

keep the id in check. ”

* It will help us go with society by getting all of us to act in socially

acceptable ways.



2. Routine behaviours done on a regular basis. They are persistent

and quite often unconscious patterns of behavior and are obtained

through frequent replication. Many of these are unconscious because

we all don't possibly realize were doing these people.


* Ways of browsing things as with grained, bought, and produced

the years of knowledge to man's family, school and community.


* Is it doesn't natural desire to focus one's concern to a

specific area of work.


* Important and lastingВ beliefsВ or values shared by simply theВ

membersВ of aВ cultureВ about what isВ goodВ or bad and

desirable or undesirable.

* Ideals haveВ majorВ influenceВ on an individual's behavior and attitudeВ and serve as broadВ guidelinesВ inВ allВ situations.


* FundamentalВ norms, В rules, or perhaps values thatВ representВ what is

desirable andВ positiveВ for aВ person, group, В organization,

orВ community, and help it in determining the rightfulness or

wrongfulness ofВ itsВ actions. В


* Mental means regarding a person's capability to think and also to

figure out ideas and information.


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