At Our Site, we believe it will be helpful to our customers if we communicate effectively the method by which we collect any information and the method it is being used. Before using our site or our service, it will be useful for you to read the privacy policy and understand it in its entirety.

Types of Information About Our Visitors That We Collect

We generally collect two types of information about you.

1) Information that is provided by you for personal identification.

2) Information which does not identify you personally.

The information collected is held by us, processed and conveyed within the company.

The information collected is commonly used by us to provide you services and to generate reports about the methods of online shopping you utilize.

On some occasions, the information may be disclosed to authorized third parties, which may include our merchants, service providers and promotional partners.

We have enabled the use of cookies and by doing so it permits us to work with advertising networks and to collect anonymous information about you to forward promotional advertisements and other information.

You have the option of opting out of some of our specific activities, and this is solely at your discretion.

Any information you provide is encrypted by using Secure Sockets Layer Software [SSL] and every precaution is taken to ensure security, and the safety on the information collected.

The account section within our website will give you the option of updating any information you choose if you have registered with us.

If you have any concerns of the privacy policy of Our Site, you can contact us with the questions you have.

Children under the age of 13 are designated as unsuitable for the use of our websites and the services provided.

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy, and therefore, it is your responsibility to periodically check this document. While term papers 4 you look forward to intimating you about any changes, the responsibility of checking this document will rest on you.

Categories Of Information We Collect

We generally collect two types of information about you:

  • Information that can identify you personally.
  • Information that does not provide personal data about you.

In the first category, any information that identifies you as an individual will be collected when you choose to register for our services or decide to participate in any features on our site. In such cases, you may decide to provide your name, email address, credit card number, phone number and any information that may be required when you register on our site.

Non personal information relates to the IP address you are using along with the operating system, the browser and even the third-party website from which your visit originated.

The information we collect is encrypted while all measures are taken to ensure the security of the same during transmission. Every attempt is made to follow the data protection laws within our jurisdiction, and therefore, you can be rest assured that the information you provide will be absolutely secure.

After you register as a member at term papers 4 you, the option of deleting your account with us entirely will also be provided to you, though we will retain some information of a limited nature to resolve disputes if any and enforce our terms of use.