Annual Survey Analysis Dissertation


Annual Report Examination on Coca Cola

Week 6 Project

Intermediate Accounting

By: Reco Crayton

Table of Contents:

Page you: Title Web page

Page a couple of: Table of Contents

Page 3: Introduction to the Coca Cola


Errors and Irregularities

Webpage 4: Craze in property and debts

Most significant Assets

Site 5: 3 main liabilities



Discontinued or Extraordinary Products

Page 6th: Net income

Comprehensive income

Indirect method

Trend in cash

Page 7: Investment activities


Web page 8: Sources


The corporation I chose to execute my total annual report research on was your Coca Soda Company. I chose this company because they are a well-established company that could give me recommended of exactly what a large provider's annual statement might appear to be. Coca-Cola may be the world's major retailer of nonalcoholic drinks. The company markets products in over two hundred countries around the world and is the owner of over 500 brands around the world (" Coca-Cola” which is considered the planet's most valuable brand). They also sell concentrates and syrups marketed to wholesalers, retailers and distributors. The Coca-Cola headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia on a 35-acre commercial real estate. The company has an 870, 000 square ft . complex adjacent to another 264, 000 sq . foot plaza. The physical address is 12 Glenlake Parkway, Atlanta, Atlanta. The financial year intended for 2013 ended on 12 , 31, 2013. In 2013, The Chief Business Officer was Muhtar Kent, he became a member of the company 33 years ago and was elected the CEO and director in the company in December 06\. The Coca-Cola Company's primary area of procedure is North America. Although it comes in almost all countries, United states accounted for 54% of it is capital costs.

1 . Whom are the business's auditors? Do they provide a clean judgment on the economic statements? Cocaina Cola was audited by simply Ernst & Young, LLC. Ernst & Young, LLC. ARE impartial auditors which were used to assess consolidated harmony sheets and other financial claims for the Coca-Cola Company in for the 2013 fiscal year. Ernst & Youthful reported the balance sheets, income assertions, stockholder equity, cash flows and other economic reports accurately and reasonably reported the Coca-Cola Company's financial position. In our opinion, the financial assertions referred to over present quite, in all materials respects, the consolidated budget of the Skol Company and subsidiaries for December 31, 2013 and 2012, and the consolidated results of their procedures and their money flows for each of the 36 months in the period ended January 31, 2013, in conformity with U. S. generally accepted accounting principles.

2 . Have right now there been any kind of subsequent situations, errors and irregularities, against the law acts, or related-party deals that have a material effect on the economic statements? There is certain elements that could possibly affect the organization and financial conditions at a later date periods. Buyers, public health representatives and federal government officials are really concerned about the general public health implications of obesity, particularly amongst young people. Additionally , some researchers, health advocates and dietary guidelines are suggesting that consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, including these sweetened with HFCS or other nutritive sweeteners, is known as a primary reason for increased overweight rates and are encouraging buyers to reduce or perhaps eliminate ingestion of this sort of products. Increasing public concern about obesity; possible new or increased taxes in sugar-sweetened drinks by government entities to reduce consumption in order to raise earnings; additional government regulations concerning the marketing, labels, packaging or perhaps sale of our sugar-sweetened beverages; and adverse publicity as a result of actual or threatened legal actions against us or other companies in our industry in relation to the promoting, labeling or sale of...

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